HTS Parts List
45RFE 68RFE LINE BOOSTERA plug in line pressure booster for the 45rfe and 68rfe. 15-30 PSI OVER STOCK ON A 45 AND 10-15 PSI OVER STOCK ON A 68. Takes minutes to install. Cannot be used with engine programmers that already raise line pressure.All99-UP$ 55
45RFE 68RFE reprog kitA must for towing or increased power on a rfe transmission. Firm clean shifts but not neck snapping.All99-UP$ 78
45RFE 68RFE shift kitA mild shift kit with stronger v/b accumulator plate. The end plate on the v/b is prone to break in the rfe transmissions. Also helps firm up overdrive and tcc lockup.All99-UP$ 45
47RE Transmission Pump47RE Transmission Pump4794-02$ 275
48re conversion pump11 lobe 47 pump cut to fit the 48 with stator ring4803-07$ 300
48RE Transmission PumpFactory correct 10 lobe new pump with stator ring4803-07$ 795
68RFE Goerend Deep PanDeep panAll07.5-UP$ 300
68RFE HEAVY DUTY SPRAGReplaces weak factory overrunning clutch with heavy duty roller style68/4507-Up$ 225
68rfe high pressure pump halfmodified high pressure 68rfe pump half for use with high pressure tuning68/4507-16$ 350
Billet 4.2 LeverBillet 4.2 Lever for greater clamping forceAll$ 65
Billet AccumulatorBillet AccumulatorAll$ 45
Billet flexplate sfi approved AllAll$ 375
Billet Input One PieceSonnax Billet Input One PieceAll$ 742
Billet IntermediateBillet IntermediateAll$ 750
Billet non sfi approved flexplateGoerend Billet FlexplateAllAll$ 325
Billet OutputBillet OutputAll$ 727
Billet RH OutputBillet RH OutputAll$ 937
Front Steel PlanetaryFront Steel PlanetaryAll$ 300
Frt Servo Upgrade - Spring and Blocker For Better 2-3 Shift TimingAll$ 42
Goerend Transmission PanGoerend Deep PanAll90-07$ 300
HD Wider BandHD Wider BandAll$ 160
HTS Ultimate Rebuild Kit 47REIncludes clutches, steels, seals, band, band strut, 4.2 lever47$ 505
HTS Ultimate Rebuild Kit 48REIncludes clutches, steels, seals, band, band strut, 4.2 lever48$ 520
Line presuure switchShould always be replaced when overhauling a 68RFE.All07.5-UP$ 62
PR valve Modified pressure regulator valve for increased line pressure in the 68RFE transmission pump.All07.5-UP$ 50
Rear Steel PlanetaryRear Steel PlanetaryAll$ 300
Reinforced flexplateCheap insurance on a 5.9 because the stock flexplate is so easy to rip the center out of. Steel insert welded onto stock flexplate. 100 core charge on top of price.AllAll$ 150
Separator PlatesSeparator plates for different lockup or pressure configurations. All94-2018$ 25
Single Disk Torque ConverterSingle Disk Torque Converter for 47RE or 48REAll$ 950
Steel insertFor the diy welder. Weld in your own flexplate insert. AllAll$ 65
Triple Disk Torque Converter Triple Disk Torque Converter for 47RE or 48REAll$ 1300
Ultimate steel front drumBigger piston drum for more clamping force in 3rd gear. Almost a must for trucks reaching the 750-800 hp mark. Comes with piston and retainer.AllAll$ 775

Triple Disk Convertor
Billet Flex Plate
Billet Input
Billet Output
Billet Intermediate
Transmission Pumps
Throttle Valve Actuator
Billet 4.2 Lever
HD Wider Band
Billet Accumulator